No matter the size, the make-up, or the philosophy of your company, there are numerous reasons why your company needs an employment handbook. Listed below are just a few of the reasons that having a handbook are important:

  1. Introduces team members to your culture, mission, and values;

  2. Communicates to team members what is expected of them;

  3. Educates them about what they can expect from the company;

  4. Helps ensure key company policies and procedures are clearly and consistently communicated;

  5. Showcases the benefits your company offers;

  6. Ensures compliance with federal and state law;

  7. Helps defend against employee claims, including charges of discrimination and harassment and claims for unemployment compensation; and

  8. Provides team members information so they know where to turn for help.

When drafting and developing your company’s employment handbook, it needs to be customized to your company, its unique services or products and practices, and it needs to be in compliance with applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations. The proper development, implementation, and enforcement of an employment handbook, which is in compliance with the everchanging workplace laws and regulations, will accomplish the above-listed goals that are critical to developing a good team and minimizing disruptions amongst that team.

If your company already has a handbook in place, it is also important to review and update its handbook on a regular basis, ideally on an annual basis. If an HR & employment law advisor has not yet reviewed your handbook this year to ensure compliance with the ever-changing workplace laws, please consider some of the recent issues requiring employment handbook updates:

  1. Social media policies and workplace conduct standards;

  2. Marijuana and other drug-related laws, and guns in the workplace;

  3. Enforceability of arbitration agreements—it’s a good time for employers to consider mandatory arbitration agreements to resolve employment-related disputes; and

  4. Sexual Harassment in the workplace.

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