As a third party resource and advisor for HR and employment law matters, Nardone Consultants offers years of comprehensive experience. We offer services specifically tailored to an employer's immediate needs and any ongoing concerns. The services we provide range from complete in-house HR and employment compliance support to representing our clients in various employment disputes, such as discrimination or harassment charges, or simply assisting with certain HR/employment projects.

Below are some of our primary and most frequently utilized HR and employment law services, which also extend to counsel and representation in employment disputes, as needed and as mentioned above. We welcome you to contact Nardone Consultants to schedule a complimentary 30-minute analysis of your organization’s HR and employment compliance needs.

Human Resources Managemen…

Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management HR processes and systems that successfully develop and nurture a positive culture and team member engagement, and accountability. Read More
Regulatory Compliance, Au…

Regulatory Compliance, Audits, & Investigations

Regulatory Compliance, Audits, & Investigations Counsel on the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act, unemployment compensation matters, other employment laws/regulations, employee relations, and more.​ Read More
EEOC/OCRC, Discrimination…

EEOC/OCRC, Discrimination, and Harassment

EEOC/OCRC, Discrimination, and Harassment Handling, preventing, and defending against discrimination and harassment matters before the EEOC/OCRC and in court. Read More
Leadership & Supervisory…

Leadership & Supervisory Development

Leadership & Supervisory Development Experienced advice on best practices for your talent acquisition to termination processes to handling those difficult conversations.​ Read More