Your human capital is the most important aspect of your business. Investing in the people who are running your business is key to running a successful business, and obtaining the necessary human resource ("HR") expertise is a critical component to this investment in your human capital. As a professional advisor, Nardone Consultants is always looking at ways to help its clients maximize profits. In the HR area, we assist and contribute to maximizing profits by improving performance and minimizing disruptions. And, the most important way that we improve performance and minimize disruptions is by having well-communicated, clear, and simple processes and systems in place. Nardone Consultants' HR management work includes:

  • Talent Acquisition and Related Documentation Systems
  • Compensation and/or Incentive Plans
  • Position Descriptions
  • Performance Evaluation Systems
  • Personnel Policy Manuals/Employee Handbooks
  • Personnel Records Management Systems
  • Development of Standard Operating Procedures and Business Processes
  • Discipline, Discharge, and Documentation Matters
  • Employment Agreements
  • Separation and Release Agreements
  • HR/Employment Issues/Questions

Through the implementation of these processes and systems, in addition to addressing and resolving employee issues in a timely manner, we will achieve team member accountability, improve the company’s culture, and obtain and retain team member engagement.

Putting HR processes and systems in place doesn’t prevent every HR or employment issue or dispute. But in many instances, when these processes and systems are properly developed, implemented, and enforced, certain HR or employment issues and disputes can be prevented, or at least the potential risk of these issues and disputes and associated liability can be substantially reduced. In the case when an HR or employment dispute or issue does arise, we can effectively handle and resolve these disputes or issues.

We welcome you to contact Nardone Consultants to discuss how we can help meet and manage your human resource management goals and needs.