Tanya has been an HR Consultant for my former business dating back several years. She helped us update our Employee Manual including job descriptions for our staff. Additionally, her background as an employment attorney provided us valuable guidance on some employee issues that we encountered. Her work was very thorough and detailed. And she always came to the meetings prepared. I enjoyed working with Tanya as she had a way of making our HR issues a little easier to deal with. I would highly recommend her as an HR solution for any small/medium business.

– Jeff Lacy, Former Business Owner and Current Area President for Focus CFO

I would highly recommend Tanya Nardone and Nardone HR Consulting for any employee issues in the workplace. I hired Tanya a few years ago to deal with a harassment claim a former employee brought against me. The claim was retaliation for the termination of this person’s employment. Tanya really took ownership of the issue, she listened and documented all the facts and interviewed my other staff in person. She then represented me to the government agencies where the various complaints were filed. Her approach was very professional and well planned. All accusations were found to be unwarranted and the claims were dismissed. Tanya really reduced the stress of the entire process. I would hire Tanya again and I know others through my business consultant who would do the same.

– Fred H. Peck, DDS, FAACD, Private Practice, Cincinnati, OH

Dealing with team members is always delicate and sentimental at the same time. I elected to reach out to you, being an independent party, to sort through all the legal ramifications of labor law. Your response was quick and precise. The follow through was also impressive. The final outcome was fair to the team member and beneficial to the practice, and most importantly it was a win win for all parties.

I appreciate the time and effort you placed in resolving the matter, and I would certainly highly recommend you to anyone who needs to be represented in a matter that dealt with labor law.

– Randa Farah, Office Manager, Center for Advanced Periodontal & Implant Care, Inc.